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Thread: 94-95 LT1 $EE Y-body vs. F/B-body PCM differences

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    94-95 LT1 $EE Y-body vs. F/B-body PCM differences

    The Y body pcm has always had a different service number than the F & B bodies.

    is there a physical difference besides the number?

    can the F/B body PCM be flashed to a Y body calibration and run a Y body with no issues?

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    There are some extra chips added. One for the rear 02s, which are not used in the code anyway, and some obd2 vpw chip that can communicate over obd2 device.
    Both of this are not needed for engine operation, so my guess is it should work.

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    The 2 knock sensors are wired in parallel to pin d22. So the knock module might be a different part number. Someone can check the p/n to verify. I also traced an unused pin d13 that goes to knock module. It could be left on the the board and have been developed for true dual knock sensors but never implemented.

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    I have never verified the knock module part number, but have flashed F-body pcm's and used them in Y-bodies before with no issues. I've even used F-body OBD1 Pcm's in an OBD2 Y-body using an OBD1 Y-body definition file. Only had to change the knock sensors on the engine if I recall correctly.
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