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Thread: Gear change affecting VSS/MPH in 7747 ECM

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayingWithTBI View Post
    What will that involve, changing jumpers or a different device? What does this device look like?
    Here is a link to a forum thread that has plenty of pictures and even talks about how to make the changes without the programming clip. The information here is similar to what's in the DRAC paper. Many links are dead now but there's still plenty of good information.

    I wonder if it would be possible to wire in a seperate drac module like the PCMs used and calibrate it that way????
    Possibly. If you Tee the DRAC into the VSS signal it would probably work. But you'd still have to gain access the 2K ECM speed signal wire in the dash to cut it and connect it to your new DRAC.

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    that's the way my 91 is works good with a gps to calibrate the switch.

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