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Thread: Performance is spelled " CHIP "

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    Performance is spelled " CHIP "

    here's my stuff; Thanks again Dave W. - you are awesome.
    1993 Blazer K Silverado Z71
    BluePrint Engines 38302CT stroker compression 9.5:1, 315 HP @ 5400 rpm , 412 TQ @ 2800 at flywheel of engine builder
    Daves' chip 240HP and 313 Ft. lbs. at rear wheels. 4 wheel drivetrain -I probably had the defrost A/C radio and every other extra load turned on during that pull.I didn't care about HP until I saw the number 240 and all of a sudden I care. . Amazing that Dave got me that much power with better than Factory driveability . .
    cast steel crank, 4 bolt main , aluminum pistons, iron heads 2.02 swirl polished intake 1.60 exhaust 1.25 valve springs
    hydraulic flat tappet RV cam duration .050 " 209 degrees intake 216 degrees exhaust -- lift .435 intake and exhaust .454
    4L60E transmission reman'd by Jaspar
    G80 10 bolt 3.73 16 " wheels , SSBC rear disc conversion , Hellwig rear sway bar,Rancho 9000's
    KYB steering stabilizer
    AGR Super Box 2 Steering gear
    Delphi Distributor
    Holley 502-9 throttle body
    Edelbrock dual plane 3704
    Edelbrock 255LPH in-tank fuel pump
    FlowTech 1 1/2" shorty headers with 2 1/2" collectors stock y-pipe , Magnaflow CAT and muffler
    K&N CAI snorkel was always a little egg-shaped where it mated the TB . I finally called them about it two years after purchase and they sent me a brand new kit minus filter . K&N took care of me.
    8625 ECM by Dave W. Old School EFI
    AEM wb02 gauge
    JW Speaker work truck LED headlamps
    288 k miles in April.2019
    I'm old , retired, pretty much a hack when it comes to mechanical stuff but can change my own oil, air up my own tires, replace fuses, lamps, even top off fluids though occasionally too topped off. This will probably be my only post on GearHeadEFI other than the required introduction .Not that I don't have much to say but that I am completely overwhelmed and awed by this entire tuning process I enjoy reading about tuning despite not being quite sure exactly what the heck is going on . My computer skills are ebay, amazon, and email related and a spreadsheet may well be a bedcover or some type of betting line. I purchased my 1993 Blazer in late '93 with 29k hard miles on it. I hauled the kids around for 10 years or so and then my son ended up with it for the next 13 years . Much of that period was used only for toting the huge stereo system on ski trips, trailer hauling, camping. I got the Blazer back into my name in 2016 with 250k miles on it..The truck's looked better. I started falling in love with the old rig. Slowly started replacing safety related parts and after all suspension , braking , and running gear stuff decided to replace the motor. The Shop that does my parts replacing is owned by a couple friends and they make sure to take good care of my Blazer and me. I figure it's because they like my dog and don't want him harmed or inconvenienced .With 259k miles the engine was the last big part needing replacement I chose a stroker flat tappet from BluePrint Engines through Jeg's and took the customer service advice over the phone that adding the 670 Holley TB would be a good addition and that the computer chip required for the swap was in the mail and everything was going to be awesome and easy and great.The first 7 chips that came in the mail were from Canada and I learned about Customs and how to mail internationally and lots of real neato stuff. I was advised to ebay a refurbished red brick and started driving around looking at fuel trims and spark and volts and everything though I had no clue what any of that stuff meant. The closest dyno shop is 230 miles round trip and I made 11 trips back and forth during the first 7 chips and slowly began realizing that possibly my fuel pump,ECM, transmission, MAP sensor, EGR valve, TB , timing, water in the gas, grounding points, might not be the issue. I was driving the Blazer daily and though it felt to maybe get around a little better than with the tired old 350 I knew it wasn't right.. I had stumbles on decel and searching on accel and trouble codes and stalling at idle and fouled plugs and my now becoming good friends at the dyno shop were starting to give me discounts and free pulls and lots of solace. I spent one year on the web reading about tuning. I bookmarked about every forum on the internet that had any tuning discussions ongoing and read lots of words that though english , my only language, didn't make sense to me. I'm stubborn and decided not to put a carb on my Blazer. I also decided not to try FAST , Edelbrock, Holley , or any of the other stuff well meaning people tried to sell me on..I wrote Dave W. an email asking to schedule a trip to Vancouver for his tuning help. Dave told me he could tune my truck through the mail. I thought I'd about had enough through the mail chips and wasn't very hopeful for the outcome. Somehow Dave , over the phone , talked me through ports and cables and programs and downloads and files and all kinds of things amazon and ebay never taught me and my truck stopped throwing codes and stalling and stumbling and fouling plugs and needing the tranny and MAP and EGR and ESC module, ECM and PCV and most electrical parts replaced . Seems my problem wasn't parts at all but instead was entirely related to my "fair" tune from Canada. In Canada's defense a little bit of me goes a long ways and I'm sure Canada tried their best to help me..My truck currently pulls harder, runs smoother , and gets better fuel economy than when I purchased it with 29k miles . During the many calls Dave made to me I never once felt talked down to and he explained stuff to me in a way that helped me help him. I hadn't prior realized how sucky the factory program was on the 4L60E and wonder why GM didn't set it up like it works now. Shift points make more sense for my now very present torque and I never get any transmission surprise shifts or kickdowns at the wrong time . TCC on and off now much more sensible for my needs.. My tune pulls this heavy rig up hills with almost no struggle and application of throttle results in smooth changes without any driveability issues. I am so happy with my setup now. I'm not done reading about tuning and though I have no notion that I'll ever tune I am fascinated by what you people accomplish. If you read this far then you by now realize I'm long winded and can you imagine trying to provide a tune for me remotely? Imagine dealing with my stupid questions and off topic statements and how it might feel to check your email and see that I'm in there again and how much effort it must take just to fix my tune let alone deal with me. Ok Thanks bye.
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