In response to kur4o's recent work on eehack to enable more or less real time tuning of this parameter and some of the subsequent discussions I'm starting this thread. I'm pressed for time so I'll have to post links to some of what I feel are very relevant posts which I mentioned in the eehack discussion thread here.

vilefly: apologies if this has already happened and I haven't seen it, but if you could find the opportunity to test and confirm the EOIT slider with another scope capture it would confirm kur4o's conversion formula so we would know exactly which way changes to the EOIT value moves the injection timing.

I would attempt to do something with this myself but there's a gaping hole in my engine bay and my reciprocating assembly is sitting on a shelf in southern California at the moment waiting for me to specify the final bore size.

This topic is not and should not be limited to the $ee mask.