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Thread: TBI on a 360 Dodge LA Engine

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    TBI on a 360 Dodge LA Engine

    I was wondering if anyone had set up
    a GM TBI system on a Dodge 360 engine.
    The only issue that I seem to see with the setup is the need for a computer controlled distributor.
    if anyone has done this, where were able to find the correct distributor or get around this issue?
    And I’m sure someone’s going to come back with “there are companies that build these distributors”
    and I see that all over the internet. Problem is, none of them seem to be able to answer their phones.
    So if there’s a reputable company out there that someone has dealt with, please pass on their contact info.
    Thank you.

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    Maybe the option of converting the Dodge distributor to GM EFI electronics is an option?

    Basically, instead of using a 4 pin GM ignition module shown in the link above, a GM 8 pin module would be used.

    dave w

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