I wrote this in my introduction but i think more members will read it here and i fear it will become a longer thread.
I have a Jeep CJ7 with the 304 engine, i want to implement a tbi systemof a chevy astro ."I could get my hands on the TBI injection system of a chevy with 4,3l engine and automatic gear.I could grab nearly everything without the VSS. The ecu is the 161 96395. So what do you think,can i implement this system in my Jeep?
Problem i have right now is, i can not get contact to the ecu with usb ttl cable and all the diagnostic programms i have found. I connected the ecu to a battery, is there a minimum voltage for reading the ecu?, I can here the fuel pump relais and the ses light comes on when i connect to the battery!"
Dave already showed the link on two threads with moates and here in the forum.
What would be a good memcal for this car and this engine.Does somebody else already change the carburator of a 304 to TBI.
Moates says i will have problems because the memcal (ecu) is from a 6cyl engine while the 304 is a 8 cyl.Can I switch off the VSS in the BJBB.bin
A lot of questions --in this post.