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Thread: hello from Germany

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    hello from Germany

    Hello from Germany,
    as you see, i'm from Germany, so my english is not always perfect -- i peg your pardon.
    I found this forum when i was searching some info on big injection systems. I have some knowledge about single point injection on small european cars out of the 70es and 80es. My curent problem is a 78 Jeep with an 304 engine with carburator.I have cleaned and rebuild its carb but it still needs a lot of stepping on the pedal for starting (after it stood for some days). I could get my hands on the TBI injection system of a chevy with 4,3l engine and automatic gear.I could grab nearly everything without the VSS. The ecu is the 161 96395. So what do you think,can i implement this system in my Jeep?
    Problem i have right now is, i can not get contact to the ecu with usb ttl cable and all the diagnostic programms i have found. I connected the ecu to a battery, is there a minimum voltage for reading the ecu?, I can here the fuel pump relais and the ses light comes on when i connect to the battery!
    A lot of questions and I think I need further help when continuing my project.

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    The 16196395 uses a Memcal.
    Information about 16196395 Memcal:

    Maybe this information will help:

    dave w

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