I need some help getting started with TunerPro RT, Dynamic EFI EBL Flash ECM w/MPFI conversion. I have a 90 GMC Jimmy, 383 (6.2) with Edelbrock 3502 MPFI conversion, Mild to Moderate Comp Cams hyd Roller, .480 L .480 D, 1500-5500 power band. Starts and runs okay on the stock ECM and the provided Edelbrock prom. Injectors provided were 19#ph, changed to 29#ph. Calculator suggests 160 on the EBL fuel table. Has anyone dealt with similar set up? does anyone have some files for a similar set up? Any suggestions? Engine sounds strong but it is running fat, need to dial it in and I have no tuning experience. Just starting my tuning. #1227747 ECM