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Thread: Fast ez efi retro fit kit? Need advice for first mpfi

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    Fast ez efi retro fit kit? Need advice for first mpfi

    I have a K5 Blazer with a TBI 350 in it, I would like to convert it to a multi port system. I have a Holley stealth ram intake, plenum, throttle body, fuel rails, but no electronics or wiring. I was wondering if the Fast EZ EFI retro fit system would work. I would really like something self tuning because i donít have a laptop or a desktop. The price of this kit is affordable also.

    Here is what i am looking at

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    The Fast EZ is ok, the handheld programmer leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. Buy a cheap laptop $100-200. It doesn't take anything special. Actually I feel like Windows 7 is about as new as I like for all the tuning software out there. I would step up to a XFI Street. FAST has some very knowledgeable tech guys. If you get a tunable system and have an internet connection help is way simpler to get. Let me know if you have any other questions. I have used pretty much every system out there.

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    Sometimes self tuning systems are not the best choice for a project. Obviously little to no tuning skill required is what makes the self tuning systems desirable to some project owners.

    Over time I've concluded the following EFI rules.
    Rule 1 - The more you know about EFI the less you pay for EFI.
    Rule 2 - The more you know about EFI the better EFI will perform.

    Possibly, self tuning systems will out perform and cost less than an EFI system assembled and tuned by a motivated project owner? The best way to obtain EFI performance is with a Laptop! I'm thinking the ultra go fast guys on cable TV shows, Do Not use self tuning system?

    dave w

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