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Thread: Copying Factory .BIN from 1227727

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    Copying Factory .BIN from 1227727

    How would I go about copying the actual BIN file from my ecu? I'm not interested in using a modified file someone created right now. The only thing I can find in tunerpro is
    XDF->Import->From ECU...

    But this doesn't appear to be actually copying the BIN file from my ecu; it just opens a folder on my computer to select one from there.


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    In order to copy the .bin you need to remove the memcal from the ecm and place it in a chip reader / programmer to read the file. Do you have a chip reader available?

    Alternatively, you can check the four letter BCC and download a stock file to work with. However you will need an emulator or a chip programmer in order to make the ecm use your changes.

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I currently do not have a programmer. I'm very new to this and was wanting to do a little more research before purchasing one. I have my eyes on the "APU1" unit. I'm definitely open to any suggestions you guys might have though. Thanks.

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    There is the option of using the following for a 1227727:

    Burn 2

    G1 Memory adapter

    27SF512 Chips

    To read the Original Memcal with a Burn 2 requires using the HDRT Memcal Header (likely a one time use)

    The Burn 2 can not program the original Memcal

    dave w

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