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Thread: Help with eehack

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    Help with eehack

    I'm getting a tune done by Solomon, and I've had no issues, until it came time to log. I've been able to successfully log data using eehack. When I go into eehack, I can load the files and see the logs using the dashboard; HOWEVER, when I attempt to retrieve the log files and attach them to an email, they are not there. When I save the file to my desktop, it's showing as a 0 byte file. This is a Windows 10 PC, so I'm wondering if there is anything I need to do differently. All hidden file filters are removed, so it's not a matter of the file being hidden. They are simply not there when I go into the output folder, unless I'm using the eehack program. Any suggestions???

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    Any answer to this, having same issue??


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