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Thread: I need help with TunerPro: 91 Chevy Silverado Engine Swap

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    I need help with TunerPro: 91 Chevy Silverado Engine Swap

    So here's what I've got...

    I had a 350 go bad on me and I've got a 305 I will be swapping in... the 305 is out of a much earlier 80s C1500. It was carbureted. So my first issue I ran into was that the TBI intake off of the newer (91) Chevy 350 lined up just fine... but the 4 center bolt holes weren't quite at the right angle... a bit of simple machining and I was able to make this fit and seal with no problems. What I want to know is... I have a chip programmer/eraser that can handle 27SF512 chips that my 91 ECM seems to use. Is there anything I NEED to do in TunerPro to make my 305 run better once I get it all set up? And if not... is there anything I should WANT to do with TunerPro for the 305? It's still using stock everything for the 305 except for the TBI intake I've fitted. EGR will be deleted if that matters. Not sure if the older heads are a different compression ratio... and if I'd need to adjust for that... or for idle... fuel... anything. That's why I'm asking here. Thanks in advance!

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    Updating the Base Pulse Width (BPW) for a 305 using 350 injectors, would be a good plan. The 305 and 350 use injectors with different flow rates. The attached .zip will help calculate the approximate BPW of a 305 using 350 injectors.

    dave w
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    Dave, great time saver, thanks for posting.

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    TBI Injector Flow Rate Link:

    dave w

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