I am likely an outlier for this forum.

I am restoring, really bringing back to life, a 1984 Jeep CJ7 with AMC 258CI inline 6. To make it more dependable I am upgrading many of the systems. The rebuilt engine is mostly stock with the exception of a mild cam for increased torque, head work, and a Mopar Performance Multi-point Fuel Injections designed by HESCO out of Birmingham, AL. The EFI system is basically a 1994 Chrysler speed density fuel injection system they delivered on their early 4.0L I6 with minor mods to fit the older 4.2L engines. While the cam is a mild grind, it did not played well with the older EFI. This is what brings me to this group, how to tune a speed density EFI for driveablity and low end power?

I have chosen to go the Piggyback tuning route with a Split Second PSC1-003 modifying the MAP sensor output. Over the last couple of months I have made good progress with the basics - tuning for start, idle, in town driving, highway cruising, throttle response, and fuel consumption. I am hoping to find advice and guidance in the ways of the "Piggyback" tuner.

I am looking forward learning and growing.