Here's the basics: GM Crossfire, 1227747 with 28 pin zif socket(, Moates APU1(autoprom) and chips, BIN ARHT, $42. I verified ground at the ECM and the manifold/injection assembly, then applied constant power to B1/C16. Then supplied power to A6, SES lamp, and ESC module. The SES light never flashed when energized, I dont get a voltage reading on the Tuner Pro RT dashboard, or a 5v reference at the TPS or MAP sensor. Touching the ses wire to the ECM case will light it so the ecm is not sending a ground out to A5 at power up. How do I verify the BIN is installed on the chip correctly or is it automatic with the APU1? 28 pin conversion was checked for continuity and was ok. Is this ECM a dead player? I have no past history on the ECM. Any help is appreciated