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Thread: 95 chevy 6.5 to 2000 lq9

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    95 chevy 6.5 to 2000 lq9

    New to the forum been reading a lot on here figured I would join the group so I can ask some questions. My build is a 95 2500 that use to be 6.5 diesel. I've got the motor in and heard it start.
    Next buy or build a cable to access the computer, learn about tunerpro and turn off vats. Any pointers would be awesome

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    Usually a 2000 LQ9 uses an OBD2 computer. TunerPro has very limited support for OBD2.

    The most common hardware / software flashing packages for OBD2 is EFI Live or HP Tuners.

    It might be less expensive to have someone re-flash an OBD2 computer, than purchasing OBD2 flashing hardware / software?

    dave w

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    Thanks for the reply Dave. So Tunerpro is out. I would like to be able to tune for boost. But the main stream tuners are expensive.

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