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Thread: OBDI(1994) LT1 Caprice wagon best transmission .bin segment?

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    OBDI(1994) LT1 Caprice wagon best transmission .bin segment?

    Of all the bins out there, is there one that is better/best for transmission perf.?
    Short of comparing all the different LT1 bins, and not having extensive tuning knowledge on these, meaning I really wouldn't know per say if one is better than another.
    I'd imagine for general population they're tuned/setup for slow/soft shifting to minimize complaints.
    Personally, I'd rather have it bang into gear with fast/crisp shifts, but that's me.
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    People say the Caddy V4P bin works really well. But, I don't know if that's just based on the stock shifting feel of that bin or if you can't create what it does by modifying another bin due to some unknown differences.

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