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Thread: 4l80 pmc tune

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    4l80 pmc tune

    so i have a 5.7 vortec and just put a 4l80 behind it but i need a 4l80 pmc tune for it. my tuner is an hptunes. yes i know they have a libarey but i cant get into it. so im hopeing some will have the pmc i need

    the truck is a 99 2500 chevy

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    Not enough information about your vehicle. Too many variables in a 99 Truck. 2W drive, 4W drive, rear gear ratios, tire sizes, all effect the calibration for anyone to just post a file that would be correct. I could probably build a correct file off the VIN.

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    I do not have HP Tuners. I might be able to help if we can work with .bin files?

    dave w

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