Hello, needing help on tuning. I have an 88 Fiero GT. 3.4 swap, truleo intake, Sprint headers 17# injectors, mild cam,1.6 roller rockers, fidanza aluminum flywheel, 7730 with DIS. EGR delete,underdrive pulley, heads were ported. It starts and runs. Lots of power. It idles fine when warming up but once it's warm and idle drops the idle surges. Give some throttle and it will die under deceleration. I talked to someone from a local tuning shop and one of the things he said was my light flywheel is probably causing the surging due to the lack of inertia. He suggested turning up the idle. Wandering what you all think about that and if so how do I do that in tuner pro using A1 mask? The guy at the shop said turn the adjustment screw on throttle body, but I was hoping to tell IAC to allow more air if that's possible. Thanks in advance for any and all input.