I bought a 1989 c3500 GMC that had a 454 in it at one time and came with a 454 from an rv that turned out had flat cam lobes. truck came with a 5.7 stock (I didnt know before i bought) so it has akwa .bin, I have downloaded $4F but fuel and spark maps look a little spikey when looking at the 4 .bins I downloaded for the 7.4 1tons on here. I tried reading the akwa just to c whats on it and got all zeros in all maps. Is $4F the right definition for this year 747 ecm and the AYKK, AUNZ, AUMZ, ANRS bin files? Im about to put the engine in to do the camshaft break-in so trying to prepare everything as best as I can, also I have an autoprom, can I emulate with $4F? Is there a better mask to use? As always I am very greatful any and all help!!