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Thread: Buick climate control hacking?

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    LT1 Buick roadmaster climate control hacking?

    Curious if anyone has ever reverse engineered one?
    Seems it could be low cost display/tool.

    Had no idea even existed until I researched switching my caprice to use a buick digital controller.
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    Are you asking about the old Regal / Toronado in-dash touch screen CRT system? I have two and parts of another which I picked up ages ago in the hopes of using them to read the MEFI datastream in my Chevelle. I have since learned the systems are very integrated and do not like to play well with others. As to specifics? I'd have to look through old emails.

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    I'm sure they would require the correct datastream and likely E&C bus data to function, and changing that would require extensive reverse engineering of the software inside the unit. I bet they can only handle 160 baud data as well.
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    Shoulda been more specific I guess...I was referring to the LT1 b-bodies like caprice/impala/roadmaster.
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