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Thread: Convert Rochester Fuel Injection to EFI

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    Convert Rochester Fuel Injection to EFI

    Hi all;

    I am new to the GearHead EFI forum. I have a 64 Corvette with a 300 hp, 4 speed, and a Carter AFB carburetor. The car has 1200 miles on a nut and bolt frame off restoration.

    One of the things I am considering doing to the car is installing a Rochester Fuel Injection system that has been converted to EFI.

    This sort conversion has been done many times, and many different ways.

    The most common method is to install late model injectors where the original injectors are located, and control it with some sort of air flow sensor mounted where the original air meter would be.

    One guy actually used a GM TBI system, mounted on it's side, and put in place of the air meter. This approach presented some challenges, but he was able to overcome them.

    I am using a 1965 Rochester FI parts. The only parts that are absolutely necessary are the intake manifold, the plenum, and the plenum lid. 1963-1965 units had a separate removable lid.

    Now here is the wild idea part.

    I want to install modern injectors, and the associated fuel rails INSIDE the plenum, and under the plenum lid.

    The system would be controlled by an air flow sensor mounted in the old air meter location (on the driver's side of the plenum.

    I would make a fixture to hold the injectors so that they are positioned to spray directly into the entrance of the intake runners in the plenum. The attached pictures sort of demonstrate the idea. Think of the bolt as an injector. This is a 1965 plenum. My goal is to make this system look as original as possible, so hiding the injectors and fuel rails contribute to that goal.

    OK, I am a rocket scientist (really, I am), but I am not a fuel injection expert.

    What sort of issues / problems / potential explosions am I going to run into if the injectors are mounted between the air flow sensor and the intake values, and are essentially mounted completely inside the intake manifold. Remember that the electrical wires, fuel rails, etc. will also be mounted inside the plenum.

    The outside of the plenum will have dummy original parts.

    How crazy is this idea?


    Ed McComas
    Madison, AL
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    Welcome to GearHead.

    I have not worked with the parts you have pictured. I'm more of a computer type than a hardware type.

    Some random thoughts about the conversion being planned:
    The TPI MAP computers (NOT TPI MAF computer) have the BEST AFTERMARKET SUPPORT!!
    TPI and TBI computers both use 0 volts to 5 volts throttle position sensors, unfortunately there are only a few styles and part numbers to choose from.
    Corvette TPI computers for the 1990 - 91 years are an under hood computer design allowing all EFI wiring to stay under the hood. Fortunately the same under hood computer was used in FWD V6 cars from 1989 - 92.
    The TXL wire covering used on GM wire harness starting in about 1992 has the a very high temperature rating! Soldering TXL coated wire DOES NOT SHRINK the covering! TXL wire cover is very thin and very durable.

    dave w

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    Thanks Dave, I appreciate the info

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