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Thread: WB02 fed into the (unused) VSS input???

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    WB02 fed into the (unused) VSS input???

    Hello! Noob here, first post. Greetings.

    I am running a 1228063 ECU ($4D mask, Moates chip and burner, using TunerPro only, no autoprom) and I want to run a WB02 in through the VSS input (or any other input, really). I do not have a VSS at all, and I've already changed/disabled things that need a VSS, so it's an input I can use. It runs and drives really well so far (day 2 tuning), but I'm excited to do some WOT tuning.

    -IF- I can do this, how do I go about making the changes to this in the Definition file?

    The vehicle is a 1988 Pontiac Firefly (Canadian market Chevy Sprint), 350 V8, 882 heads, Lunati 256/262 cam, Holley-TBI/GM-pod, raised fuel pressure, Vortec pump, TH350 trans, RWD.

    Thanks so much!

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