Here is what I'll be running.

Stock L31 GMPP Long Block
Edelbrock 7116 Performer RPM Intake Manifold
ACDelco EP341 Fuel Pump
Holley 670CFM throttle body w/stock 61# injectors with 28PSI Spring (Effectively 89.9# of fuel per injector)
Shorty Ebay Stainless Steel Headers w/ 2.25" dual exhaust all the way back no cats no crossovers
AEM 30-4110 WBO2 Unit for Closed Loop tuning
BJYK Modified base tune from Dave W.

Anybody see any glaring issues with this setup? I'm aware I should have significantly more fuel than I need for a stock L31. With that being said I would rather have more than I need than not enough. Not trying to self destruct it on the first drive :) If it is consistently running too rich I might buy an aftermarket AFPR and go to around 20-22PSI