Trying to decided to take the plunge on a 76mm On3 turbo for my LT1/T56 swapped third gen F body.

I'm shooting for a low-boost 5-7psi for a fun street car. Motor is stock lower end, ported heads, 224/224 cam.

I have the unique to '93 LT1 ECM, and have tuned it myself with TunerPro RT and the Moates setup. I'm currently running dedicated open loop, and feel pretty solid with that.

What I'm wondering is, can I install a 2 bar Map sensor and make the stock ECM work for this turbo application? Is there another GM ECM that would work better for this?

Is there a way to make TunerPro show 0-200kPa like the sensor will be reading, or do I just need to do the conversion by hand (50kPA on screen = 100kPa real life)?

I'm assuming I would need to "truncate" the VE and timing tables from 0-100kPa, then be very cautious going from 100-200kPa and sneak up on a safe tune little by little.

Do any of these assumptions ring true, or am I asking for trouble doing this?

I know that's a lot of questions in one post, sure would appreciate any feedback out there. Thank you!