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Thread: would like delete a bunch of things from an XDF file

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    would like delete a bunch of things from an XDF file

    I posted the same question on the TunerPro forum. I hope I might post it here too.

    I think I want to take an XDF and remove a whole bunch of parameters from it... for example... all the transmission related parameters.

    I know I can go one by one through them and right click and say "remove from XDF".

    It seems that I cannot select multiple items and remove them at once though... so it would be a lot of clicking.

    Anyone have any ideas how I could get this done efficiently?

    Is there any other tool to edit the XDF file?

    Thanks so much!!!!

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    You can open xdf in wordpad and manually edit all the stuff you want.

    You have to be carefull for start end location of the parameter.

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