I'm trying to remotely help someone with an LS1 engine conversion. The car is a considerable distance from me, but close enough for the internet to reach. The car is a 1968 points ignition system. It appears there IS NOT an Ignition On and Start wire on the steering column ignition switch. It appears the original engine used the starter "R" terminal to supply power to the points ignition coil + when the ignition switch is in "START". The LS1 starter Does Not have a "R" terminal.

If I remember my "Old Car" wiring correctly, the points system used a ballast resistor to the points coil + terminal when the ignition switch is "ON" and the "R" terminal supplied the points coil + power when cranking or starting the engine. The vehicle owner removed the ballast resistor and used that wire to supply the LS1 injectors and coil packs with power. The vehicle owner has confirmed the engine is not starting because the LS1 injectors and coil packs Do Not have power when the ignition switch is in "Start".

Back in the "Day" the "R" was called Resistor Terminal. Back in the "Day" the young "know it all" nuts and bolts wrench mechanics that actually read service manuals would say the "R" was for Relay.

Below is my idea to solve the Ignition On & Start problem using two relays.

Is this a good plan?

Is the schematic below correct?

Thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

dave w

Ign On-Strat Relays.jpg