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Thread: 4L60E - Strange TCC LogFile - TunerPro

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    4L60E - Strange TCC LogFile - TunerPro

    Hi All,

    I am working to diagnose an issue on my 1994 chevy. I've got a 4L60 from Finish Line Transmissions in it and a 454.

    The TCC seems to be going in and out an awful lot... I've been messing with the thresholds using TunerPro and I seem to have been able to impact things when the engine is cold but when it warms up... still have some wacky things going on.

    Attached is a short trace from TunerPro. What I noticed is that the TCC ON and TCC FEEDBACK flags are sort of pulsing on and off all the time... even when in park and not moving.

    I dont see this same thing with my old scan too so i dont know if it is a tuner pro issue or if it is real. In anycase... if anyone has the patience to take a quick look or offer an idea or two- It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Could be the brake switch. Have you looked into that?

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    I am pretty sure it is not that based on the data from TunerPro. The signal "Brake Switch Override" or whatever it is called seems solid. Nevertheless, it would be worth it for me to spend a little time looking into that further. Thanks for the suggestion!

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