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Thread: HPT section?

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    HPT section?

    Wondering if it's time?
    HPT has changed their site over and their repository has been down and I think will be down indefinitely.
    I've been telling guys to come find a .bin here and i'll convert but might as well start a section and archive some files?
    I don't use HPT much,but I do have it and know several other guys do as well so figured might as well ask.
    Might get some new users out of it,even if they are hptooners lol.

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    This is a good question. Does their site change correspond with changes in software availability or support? Is participation down there? Or is it just that there are some sections no longer available?

    I started playing with VVT in my daily and realized that I have to re-attach some of the .cal files that have been uploaded here over the years. No one's mentioned that these files aren't available before so maybe we don't have that much OBDII / TC based membership?

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    OBD2 is very popular!

    OBD2 tuning software is not very popular with the OBD2 "End User" or OBD2 "Project Owner". I suppose OBD1 tuning software is not very popular with the "End User" or "Project Owner" also. It's likely the percentage of OBD1 "End User" or "Project Owner" with tuning software is slightly higher than OBD2 "End User" or "Project Owner" with tuning software.

    I strongly suspect there is a significant percentage of "End User" or "Project Owner" types favoring and purchasing the "Self Tuning" aftermarket EFI system vs. "Tuning" a factory EFI System.

    A few thoughts I have about OBD2 tuning software:
    What OBD2 tuning software suppliers offer "Demo" versions?
    What OBD2 tuning software suppliers maintain a website with "Stock Calibration" files that are available for download?
    What OBD2 tuning software suppliers "sell" the most recent "Stock Calibration" file for "Your VIN"?

    Personally, I'm sometimes a touch nervous about using OBD1 or OBD2 files I find on the internet. The OVERWHELMING majority of OBD1 and OBD2 files I find on the internet are valid!

    I would favor a HPT section with the following guidelines:
    We have a dedicated HPT Moderator, who owns HPT and has intermediate to advanced skills with HPT. (I do not own HPT)
    HPT offers a "Demo" software.
    "Stock" files only.

    dave w

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