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Thread: Data Log Toubles

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    Data Log Toubles

    I have a 1227165ECU from a 1987 Vet, Moates APU1, ARAP bin, 6E xdf, and AEM wideband gauge. I removed my chip and been running in emulation for the last 6 months or so. When I started emulating and data logging everything worked as it should. As time went along the emulator continued to work as it should, but the data logging, dash board, and data tracing begin to work intermittently. The DA. tab on the bottom of the screen continues to show(blue in color) the connection to be active, but the data log, dash board, and data tracing will not show live data. As I said before this is an intermittent problem that is becoming very frequent. Has anyone experienced this? Any Ideas how to fix this? I've search the net, but I haven't found anything.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I can't help with a solution, but I've got a similar (I think ) problem. My datalogs will stall for a couple seconds, then be normal for 3-6 seconds, then stall again, and so forth, rendering the logs pretty darn useless. When you replay the logs, it acts exactly the same. It records the stalls and all. Running on XP yet on the laptop. Might try W10 to see if that helps.

    Is this what you are talking about or slightly different?
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