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Thread: Troubleshoot surging at idle

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    Troubleshoot surging at idle

    Can anyone look at my data log and tell me what I have set up wrong to make my truck surge at idle?
    I attached logs of just idle when surging. I also attached a longer data log of driving because it does it when fully warm and holding rpm. Seems like I have a dead-band issue making the system hunt for O2. Cold idle when in open loop is pretty good. Hot idle after a driving has a clear hunting issue with AFR bouncing between 12 and 17.
    I haven't been able to get my autoprom to accept the 0-5v from my AEM gage, so that data is not there. - I am open to suggestions on getting that working too. I may just wire it to the B16 pin in the aldl as people suggest.

    Thanks for all the help so far. The truck is running much better now than it was after my "professional" tune.
    -It does run good during light acceleration. Its the cruising that it stumbles.
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