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Thread: WTB: 89/90 Caprice air cleaner / engine fuel lines.

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    WTB: 89/90 Caprice air cleaner / engine fuel lines.

    Hey guys I am looking to put my 89 Caprice back to stock. I am looking for an air cleaner from a 350 Caprice w/ IAT sensor. This is the air cleaner with the "wide" mouth. Sort of a rare air cleaner as I think they only came on the 9C1 for 2 years. Hoping someone has one. Even regular caprice 350 air cleaner would work and I could add the IAT to it, but I would still need the little sensor clip/cage as I believe new ones do not come with it and they are not reproduced.

    I also need the engine side fuel line. I cut mine up years ago to add a ln Aeromotive FPR. I believe any where from 89 to 93 Caprice/Roadmaster/Caddy will work. The caddy ones apparently come with a schrader valve, this would be ideal but not a deal breaker if it's a regular Caprice one.

    I live in Canada but have a PO box in Point Roberts, WA. Probably best to post here or PM me.

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    I will also consider a 305 air cleaner if it comes with a IAT sensor, as if I get desparte I can always build a 350 air cleaner. 350 is perfered however.

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