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Thread: Please, please, PLEASE.... I may need help, But most of all....

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    Please, please, PLEASE.... I may need help, But most of all....

    I must first ask, of all here before me, forgiveness. I found this site in my quest to overcome the boundaries that at first had believed to be of no consequence.

    A little of my background of why I am here. My project is of a common situation. My original shell consists of a run of the mill '69 Chevelle Malibu. It has become my ride of choice ever since my first model, for which was a '68, that I had acquired in high school. It was a basket case reject from a long line of surgeons that had removed various components they were lacking in their search of happiness. My second was shortly there after in my mid 20's that mainly had suspension improvements, and a slightly more improved heartbeat.

    Along came a marriage, Two beautiful kids, mortgage, and inevitably - divorce. All awhile without classic metal. Sure I had the family truckster, a common welfare beater, and a run down pickup to get around in - But nothing that would set us apart from the norm.

    Now enter the realm of where a single divorced 40 something gets his toy back, The current bundle of joy!!! Some would almost call it blasphemy for what I have done. But for me, I was able to transform my ride into an oasis of heaven. After driving the car to get a feel of how she was to ease into my desire of what I believed needed massaging into shape, I proceeded to have the operation begin. I had decided to do the foundation first. I had removed the body in order to gain access to the chassis and all the rubber mounts and suspension components. While undergoing this part of the quest, An opportunistic situation had become available that one could NOT turn down(I felt).

    While giving a friend a courtesy ride home, I had noticed someones unfortunate failure. I had stumbled across a 1995 Chevy Caprice. This car had been driven straight(slightly out of control) into a tree. The car had suffered only minor damage that consisted of losing the radiator with the core support and surrounding small items! The serpentine belt had not even been touched. I was in awe. After communicating with all that needed to be, I had acquired this car for a measly $300. YES!!!!

    This is where my life as a Chevelle owner changed forever! I had begun to remove EVERYTHING that was an option in the Caprice, and had transplanted them into the Chevelle! Power EVERYTHING! You name the part from the caprice, I most likely put it in my Chevelle. windows, heated mirrors, seats, cruise, electronic climate, airbags, all of it! I even went so far as to take three different steer columns apart to get the tilt, clock spring, and shift delete into one column! Want even more craziness, how about the full gauge package remodeled to fit behind the original idiot lights - along with the digital speedo in place of its original analog speedo!

    I was lucky enough to have had a collection of disposable cameras located throughout the car so that I could look back at it and say to myself how crazy it all was. Being in northern Calif. where it gets a little chilly in the winter, I even had to use a cover with a space heater while doing the wiring(which I didn't measure length of, but I'm sure was ALOT).

    This is where my story begins here. When putting the drivetrain into the Chevelle, it became apparent that with the gear change along with smaller tires - everything changes. Electronically. (everything ).

    I have been browsing this site for a while and have learned quite a bit while finding alot of information to help along the way. I know that there is more that I need to understand to be able to catch on to how EFI tuning works. I may have a bit of shop experience, but that really is different than what I have noticed while looking and reading these pages here. I know what the 'UTFFS' term means, and am very grateful for such a tool. I believe that is why up until now I have not posted my introduction.

    I apologize for such a long novel. Most of all I ask that from all before me - Keep up the awesome work of sharing your experiences and trials. Without such forums, experimenting would be a bit more difficult to say the least.

    There are many of you here that I have become accustomed to reading your threads, and look forward to seeing more of them. It saddens me to know that some of the great writers have been taken from us for reasons that are beyond us, My dreams and prayers are with them.

    If ever comes a thread comes along that someone is struggling, I hope that what is at stake, I may offer up some words that can help one that is climbing their ladder of obstacles.

    p.s. i just noticed that it has been 6 years since I had originally joined, What a sleeper I am!!!
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