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Thread: 85 K10 383 TPI tunerpro learning curve

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    85 K10 383 TPI tunerpro learning curve

    hi everyone I am new here as the title says I have a K10 with a standalone TPI harness and 7730 ecm its been in the truck for about 5 years and made 304 RWHP and 463 FT/LBS. I did all my original tuning with tuner cats and a prom burner. I am now switching over to a Wieland stealth ram intake and I have an ostrich 2.0 that I was hoping to use to make the process faster but have been struggling trying to figure out Tunerpro RT. so hopefully I can get it figured out now that I have access to the XDF files on here! if anyone already has a write up for the connection process. also if its possible I would like to learn how to data log with it as I have a wideband in the truck and would love to log it over the oil pressure sensor input as I don't run one.

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