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Thread: Intro: Chevy 350 TBI in a 1993 S10 4x4, tuning the bugs out

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    Intro: Chevy 350 TBI in a 1993 S10 4x4, tuning the bugs out

    Just introducing myself here but also asking a question. I’m new to the DIY vehicle maintenance and tuning world so I have limited knowledge and understanding. That said, I am trying to learn as much as I can since the money saving results are worthwile and doing the work and getting to know my vehicle are rewarding in and of itself. My first car project is my daily driver ‘93 S10 Blazer. The 4.3 was tired so my Dad and I put a rebuilt 350 TBI in it back in March. I drove it from Houston to Denver two weeks ago and she’s running fairly well, but there are some issues evident now that I’ve got it hooked up to TunerPro RT.

    The most worrying thing is that it constantly reads 20+ degrees of knock retard. Whether I’m idling or stepping on the gas, the readout only ever fluctuates between 23 and 26 degrees of knock retard. The counts readout usually stays within 70-170 knock counts, 20-50 of them being present when I start the engine. I’m pretty sure I have the right data mask since I’m using $E6 for the 16168625 ECM I have and the PROM chip “BHAR” that would be stock from a 1993 K1500 with 3.42 gears and a 350 TBI. I can’t figure this one out sadly. Could part of the issue be from an exhaust leak I have? It’s weird to me that even from the moment I start the engine from cold, it already displays 25.8 degrees or so of knock retard. It seems like it might be a real issue since the motor feels like it’s lacking torque.

    I’ve searched around for anyone who has found a solution to as serious knock retard numbers as this but my searches have turned nothing up. So far this forum looks like it’s full of super knowledgeable tuners so any help from an expert would be greatly appreciated!

    Edited to include the additional question that came up later in this thread:

    I forgot to mention in the main post that I also have a serious BLM problem. The integrator part swings around a lot but the BLM value is usually way up above 145 and 160. I’ve been keeping track of my highway fuel economy, and it isn’t so stellar around 13-15 mpg. I’ve fixed the exhaust leak for the most part, so now I’m on to brain storming what else could be causing this. Unfortunately I don’t know what injectors I have nor the actual fuel pressure from the pump. I’m going to try to install something this weekend that allows me to check that.
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