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Thread: 4L80 control

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    4L80 control

    I just finished building a 4L80 to go behind my TBI SBC that some of you have seen on here.

    I need to figure out how I'm going to make this thing shift.

    I have a 7427 running $0D and I'd like to keep that becuase Ive already set it up to log wideband data and control an E-fan. So...... What is the best way to shift this 4L80? I see several possible avenues:

    1. Modify the 7427 $0D so that it can command the 4L80 (maybe?)

    2. Add a second 7427 piggyback style running $0E that is just a standalone trans controller

    What's going to be the easiest way to shift this 4L80 electronically?

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    Maybe $OE fan code is an option? See attached.

    The $OE WBO2 setup is easy.

    dave w
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    At first, it might seem a bit crude, but one method I used before better options were available was a relay.
    I got the idea from gentleman in the UK who I believe was using an LT1 with a 4L80E in a Jag.

    The main difference in the shift logic between a 4L60E and a 4L80E is that the Shift B solenoid logic is inverted.
    The shift A solenoid and all of the valve body pressure range switches are the same.

    Back in my '94-96 LT1 Bbody days, before TC added the logic to invert the Shift B solenoid in software, I'd add
    a relay on the Shift B output on the PCM, and turn off the codes related to the now unused 4L60E solenoids.
    I'd then have to move the TCC lockup pin on the Transmission connector (Its on a different pin on an 80E).
    It worked remarkably well, and was a great alternative to a separate controller.

    I suspect there are folks on this very board that know the $0D code well enough that they can find where the
    Shift B logic can be inverted. But if they can't, don't be afraid to try the relay method - it works well.


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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I downloaded the $0E bins and am using one of the 350 CI versions BJDR... I applied the fan code also... Now where is the $0E fan XDF found???

    It appears the the WBO2 setup is basically the same settings as was used on the $0D code mask, going to the same pin also..... so that was easy.


    Here I was asking for the $0E fan xdf several years ago..... Creepy...
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