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Thread: Question about Tuner Pro

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    Question about Tuner Pro

    I am as green to this as a newly sprouted grass seed.

    I came across Tuner Pro as well as this site through a google search.

    Is this software what I am looking for? I have an 88 wrangler that was converted over to TBI and from what I have figured
    out they robbed an S-10 of it's TBI and wiring harness and in doing so I would imagine that they also took its computer as
    well. Currently there is an amber light under dash that comes on when you turn ignition key. It will blink off for just a second
    and when it comes back on that is when you hit the starter button. Yes, a push button for some reason. I also noticed there
    is a plug/port under the light which is where I presume you would plug in a tuner. If it does not crank and idle when you first push
    the button then you have to hold down the gas pedal to crank it which in turn causes engine to sputter cause it is flooded and after
    say about 5 seconds it straightens out.

    Is this software something I can use on my laptop as long as I have a cord to link laptop to plug under light to program the fuel and air
    mixture to get this thing running better? The guy who used to own it prior to the one I purchased it from said he was getting 15 to 16 mpg
    best I can get is 9.5 mpg and seems like it is dumping a lot of extra fuel into throttle body.

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    It sounds like your Jeep may need some work. The amber light under the dash may be what the previous owner used for a "Check Engine" light. It will let you know if the computer detects a problem by staying illuminated while the engine is running. The port under the light may be used for diagnosis. You can connect a scantool or a laptop with diagnostic software to the port to learn about problems the computer has detected or to watch the signals the computer uses while the engine is running.

    Changing how the computer is programmed is accomplished by removing a chip from the computer and replacing it with a chip containing new programming. IThe port under the light is not intended to be used for programming. It is important to make sure all the sensors are working correctly before attempting to program a new chip. With the engine running poorly it seems appropriate to check basics before moving to the advanced level work.

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