I put a fresh engine in my truck then made the mistake of paying someone to tune it. They had it for 2.5 weeks and now it might make stock TBI power.

The computer in the truck is a 16196395 BJLH
Truck is a 1994 Chevrolet Blazer 5.7 TBI with 4L60E

New Engine is a 1997 Chevrolet Vortec 5.7L
Bored 0.020 over.
1.5:1 Long Slot Rockers
Cam Comp 08-304-8 Hydraulic Roller
-114 Lobe Separation
-Advertised 266/276
-210/220 @ 0.050
-Valve Lift 0.50/0.51
-Lobe Lift 0.334/0.342
LS3 Springs
LS7 Lifters
Comp Retainers and Clips
Rocker Screw in Studs
9.5:1 Compression Ratio
Short Headers

454 TBI on top of it.
Currently running 68 lb/hr injectors @13 psi, with 15 PSI Fuel Pressure, Tuner had dropped it to under 11.
I have 454 injectors 81 lb/hr injectors @ 13 psi. I had both sets cleaned and flow checked.
I have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and an assortment of springs. So I am happy to change any of these factors if it helps me to get the truck running better.

Thanks in advance for your help!