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Thread: Thank you for adding me to the group!!

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    Thank you for adding me to the group!!

    I have a 1984 Corvette CFI, I’m in the process of rebuilding and modifying it. Currently have the stock ECM in it but looking to install EBL Flash. I’m looking foreword to reading through all the posts and gaining knowledge on how to tune my engine to its best.
    Any help, input or information anybody has would be great!! Lol

    Thank you for letting me join and thanks in advance for everyone’s help!!
    I really appreciate it!!

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    You may be starting from scratch. I have yet to find the stock CFI tables online. You might be able to locate some of the folks from the old crossfire forum to see if they have stock tables to populate your software. Then again, if you contact rbob at dynamic EFI he may have a great starter cal for you.

    Good luck!

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    She isn’t totally stock, but close to it. Lol
    It has a Renegade intake, 85 fuel pump at 14psi, EGR/AIR delete and timing at 12° with 3.73 gears. Next will be parallel fuel lines with external regulator an 90# injectors with heads and cam to follow... hopefully. Lol

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