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Thread: 1985 corvette needs tuning advice

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    1985 corvette needs tuning advice

    Here'swhat I'm working with: 1227165 ECU from a 87 Vet, Moates APU1, ARAPbin file, 6E xdf, and a AEM wide band gauge. 383 all forge rotatingassembly, Comp Cam 288HR int 236/ exh 242, Valve Lift int 554/ exh576, Lobe Sep 110*, Intake centerline 106*, Mini Ram intake, 58mm TB,30lb injectors, 1.6 RR,

    I have a 1985 Corvette with a 383 I'm trying to tune.I've been through two mail order tunes which were disappointing. SoI'm learning to tune my car myself. My plan of attack has been tostart tuning the fueling in open loop first, next to tune the fuelingin closed loop, then go on to timing. I have some questions. Whentuning in closed loop should I be making fuel adjustments in the twopower enrichment vs RPM and power enrichment vs. coolant tables orshould I just work in the MAF tables? So far I've been tuning in thetwo open loop and the tables. Since I made some fuel changes in theopen loop tables should I be looking at other tables for fuel changesfor open loop tuning? Lastquestion has to do with cold and warm start. My cold and warm startidle starts off at 500 - 600 rpm. I've made changes in the startupenrichment vs. coolant table. I added fuel in small increments, butthat only made it worst where the engine would not start. Should I belooking at other tables to bring the idle up? I have my idle vs.coolant table set at 1100 rpm @ -40* to 750 rpm @ 176-219*.and theIAC count is 160 at start up. Could someone help me out and point mein the right direction?Thanksin advance!
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