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Thread: 16168625 ecm pinout help

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    16168625 ecm pinout help

    I have a 1988 gmc 1500 5.7l tbi with a 16168625 ecm. I pulled the motor for a rebuild and was in the process of replacing wire loom and cleaning up the harness (no mods just clean up ) and I cant for the life of me find the knock sensor plug, ok so I go looking for the ESC module so I can trace the wire back but there seems to be no ESC module or even a plug for it, so now I am on the search for the correct pinout for my ecm so I can confirm if the ESC is intergrated into the distributor or the ECM. the engine had a knock sensor installed in the factory location when I pulled it just no wiring. I'm putting everything back to original factory specs. Any help would be great
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    This thread has a 16168625 wiring diagram:

    You are 100% correct, the 16168625 does not have an ESC module. The 16168625 has the Knock Sensor wired directly to the computer.

    dave w

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    Thank you very much for the diagram and the response

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