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Thread: LT1 Long Tube .bin??

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    LT1 Long Tube .bin??

    I have been looking around for a couple nights now and cant find a .bin for a 94 LT1 with EGR/AIR PUMP/CATS have been removed and long tube headers. Still very new to all of this, so if some one can point me in the right direction that would greatly appreciated.

    Also would low BLM (108) indicate a lean or rich condition, the O2's are cycling from 0-1000mv.

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    first of all, it's worth noting that 108 is as low as it goes (in a default bin) which means it can't really correct any more

    to answer your question, a blm LOWER than 128 means fuel was REMOVED (in other words your engine WAS running RICH, and the mixture was LEANED to correct it). hope that makes sense. longtubes alone shouldn't be that dramatic of an effect.

    don't look online for 'starter bins', they're mostly garbage.

    you can generate a "starter bin" with this tool i wrote:

    but really, if you want to learn to tune, you will have to make your own bin, and if you don't want to learn to tune...........what are you doing here?

    use the EEX XDF in category view


    for the emissions stuff mostly just disable the error codes in Error checking category, but for EGR, also set the Min RPM to 6375 and the Max RPM to zero.

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