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Thread: TBI Tuning help

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    TBI Tuning help


    I am relatively new to the TBI world. I have a 95 Chevy C1500 that I am building a new motor for. Specs...Gen 1 Small Block 383 CI Cam is going to be a Comp Cams 206/212 @050 425/440 with a 112 CL 1000-5000 RPM Range. Heads are 882s with 1.94/1.52 valves The TBI unit is the stock unit with some mods being done at the recommendation from The tranny is a 4L60E. Not sure which way to go as far as who to tune my TBI or how to even go about this. Thanks in advance. Michael

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    Several members here at gearhead-efi, have been very successful using Wide Band O2 Sensor (WBO2) tuning TBI sysyems. WBO2 tuning typically requires using TunerPro RT software. The BIGGEST challenge to WBO2 TBI tuning, is the computer skill level a gearhead-efi member is comfortable with. Members with intermediate to advanced computer skills are very successful with WBO2 tuning. Members with novice or beginner computer skills are easily overwhelmed with TunerPro RT software.

    See attached screen shots showing the summary results of WBO2 TBI tuning using TunerPro RT.

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