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Thread: Hi, Need help with my project.

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    Hi, Need help with my project.

    I have a 57 Belair with a 327 which I have installed an Edlebrock TPI from an 87 Camaro. After wiring in the stock harness and burning a new chip with $32b mask, it started and ran, but idled at 2500 rpm. I deleted the EGR on the manifold, deleted the 9th injector, have no Knock sensor, and didn't have a coolant temp sensor. I was told I need that for the TPI to function properly. When I installed a new temp sensor, the engine wouldn't start. I quadruple checked the wiring and it is right. What do I need to change in the program to get it to run and idle like it should?

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    One year 1989 9th injector was deleted so you might have better luck starting here:

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    Gonna need that knock sensor too
    1992 Camaro B4C 355 zz4 cam blue print 195cc heads 10-1 cr SDPP vortec lower, edelbrock hi flo runners ported upper dyno don coated headers /WC 5 speed 3.45 gears .

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