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Thread: Ford IAC to GM Style IAC Throttle Body

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    Ford IAC to GM Style IAC Throttle Body

    So I'm looking for a way to use a Ford IAC (or Fast Idle Valve) on a throttle body that takes the LS style IAC. Everywhere I've looked all I can find is the conversion to use a GM IAC on a Ford Throttle Body which is the complete opposite of what I want to do. The throttle body I'm using is a ProComp Electronics P/N PCE138.1002

    I'm going to be using a MicroSquirt which is why I want to use the Ford IAC because it requires only the Fidle wire output rather than the whole adapter board needed for the GM Stepper IAC.

    Anyone know of a way to convert an LS style IAC Throttle Body to a Ford Style IAC?

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    The best way to do that would be to block off the existing IAC port and plumb the other IAC around the throttle body.

    The GM IAC has the pintle actually seat inside the TB, whereas the Ford is all self contained and just matches up a pair of ports to the side of the Ford TB, which is why you can find adapters to go one way, but not the other.

    Honestly, I'd just use the add on board and built in stepper IAC.
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    Mercruiser engines used Ford IACs on remote housings on the L31 Marine engines.

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    Fast355, are you sure of this? So far all of the TB's for L31 based engines I've seen have GM type IAC integrated in the body, and they use MEFI controllers.

    Edit: Found it on the 5.7 MPI Alpha engine. This is the one with the carburetor style intake.
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