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Thread: 4l60e - 96 Corvette performance tuning

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    4l60e - 96 Corvette performance tuning

    Hi, I just purchased a used 14005 and am waiting for a proper serial cable to arrive to begin programming. I plan to do it from a desktop running WinXP since Ive read all the horror stories and dont want to go there. (it came with a usb to serial converter).

    My question is does anyone have an recommendations on how to setup a performance tune for the 4l60e?

    Some of my "wants" are:

    Keep it out of 4th until I hit 60mph

    More aggressive downshifts (much sooner than stock)

    Id like to mess around with locking the torque converter sooner, especially on downshifts

    also, is there a way on the 96 vette I could wire in the infamous performance mode switch?

    thanks.. Im new to this forum and have spent over an hour reading.. good stuff on here!

    EDIT: I should have placed this in the tunercat section.. if a moderator could move it Id appreciate it.
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