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Thread: Plug and Play 1228062 swap to 1227747 A/C Issue

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    Plug and Play 1228062 swap to 1227747 A/C Issue

    ECM as the title states...'88 S-10 4.3L 700r4 Holley TBI Comp Cam .428 .459 @ .050 200 206 ls 114 longtubes Ok...when I say we/us, that's because I have someone helping me with this venture. A little background...owner of said truck wants us to dial in the tune as it has cold start idle issues and seems to fall on it's face WOT. Since we have a zif modded 1227747 and felt we should leave his stock ECM unmolested, proceeded to swap the ECMs. The problem that we encountered is while everything seemed to work as far as trying to dial in the tune and how the engine responded to changes, we had lost A/C and wipers. Swapped 8062 back in and A/C and wipers are working again! Under further investigation looking at schematics, the S-T Auto bins have A/C clutch control on Pin A2. No problem, I'll just download a 1227747 S-T Auto.bin but they do not exist on this website as well as others!!!

    1) I've kicked around the idea of finish tuning with 747 and copy everything over to 8062 but I've somewhat had a reluctance as the spark map between the two are very different and further thoughts of copying everything line by line over scared me off when 747 has way more parameters disassembled not to mention Async vs Sync, too. I suppose log and burn w/ 8062 is another option.

    2) I was also thinking as long as there's a A/C cycling switch in the system, we could de-pin A2 and permanently ground??? IDK if this would resolve the wiper issue.

    3) Re-wire A/C system like the C/K R/V GP G/P M ST manual.

    4) This is way over my head...add the A/C clutch control to the bin.

    5) Beg for 1227747 S-T Auto.bin
    If someone has a solution to this problem, please chime in.
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