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Thread: Weird sudden's immediate.

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    Weird sudden's immediate.

    Working on my tune for my Beretta (7730 $A1) and ran into a new problem. I've been using this same car, ECM, sensors, etc and basic tune for many years. Changed heads & cam and injectors and the main thing that's different is the BPC vs EGR to account for the injectors.

    Several times (probably almost a dozen) in the last couple days it has suddenly stalled. And it's immediate like I turned the key off. Fires back up no problem though. And it has only been while idling, or when coming back down to idle after disengaging the clutch. I noticed in the logs it goes from normal readings to dead readings in one sample. Capture attached.

    Not sure what I got going on here. Any ideas? Attached a log and my ADX too. Thanks
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    80 Camaro Z28 - 550hp AFR 383 / T56 6spd (Holley HP EFI)
    91 Beretta "SS" - 260hp 3400 MPFI / HM282 5spd (7730/$A1)
    94 Silverado Z71 - 300hp Vortec 357 TBI / NV4500 5spd (7427/$0D)

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