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Thread: Wiring checked. Engine in. B1 02 error - lean. eeHack log attached. Paying bounty!

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    Wiring checked. Engine in. B1 02 error - lean. eeHack log attached. Paying bounty!

    I will pay a bounty to anyone that figures this out. Cammed 383, 58mm tb, trick flow heads, CIA longtubes, cats. Every sensor on the engine is new.

    Had the entire harness out checking it and nothing was really amiss, outside of the washer harness. Grounds are all really solid. Log shows a 100% cold start to open-loop.
    Fuel pressure: 42 PSI key on engine off. 40 psi running @ idle. 12-15" of vac at hot idle.

    02's look decent initially, but once the car enters closed loop, b1 goes lean, and the PCM starts dumping fuel in. Car eventually pops the 02 lean code, both fans kick on, and that's it. Clear the code and it comes right back after a few minutes. The after clearing the code, the left 02 continues to read like 50mv or something super low. Swapped 02 with a known good one. No-change. Raising the RPM's causes the 02 to start swinging, but once it hits idle, it goes lean again. Here is the log. Forum wont let me attach it.

    Your assistance is appreciated.

    Edit: No exhaust leaks. No vac leaks @ intake
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