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I think that you will need a new tune with that intake manifold. Individual air to cylinder passage are different by stock manifold. Edelbrock must flow much more air than stock and the individual cylinder trims are off the chart. Mode 4 control allows you to control realtime how the engine runs.
Thanks for the info. Yeah, I am starting to think this Edelbrock LT1 manifold may be the source of my ill's. I swapped over the OEM throttle body and it had no affect, so the 58mm one is back on there for now

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Haha. Thatís why i asked about the manifold! Yes i had issue (may still have) with the Edelbrock LT4 manifold. I remachined both faces as it was sucking air from underneath the ports.
Thanks Mitch - you may have hit the nail on the head. I got the OEM intake off the shelf and started cleaning it up for re-installation within the next few days. We will see what sort of effect that has on all of this.