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Thread: Glad to be here folks

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    Glad to be here folks

    Hi all, joined the forum cause there is a wealth of information and knowledge here, my ride is a 84 crossfire corvette. I know, Crossfire right? SO FAR, it hasn't been bad...we'll see as the project progresses but I'm definitely hoping to receive some good help on here. Cheers!

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    Fuel Injected! uncabob's Avatar
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    Welcome aboard.
    Nothing wrong with crossfires, just the people working on them.
    Mine is in a rat-rod p/u with a 122747 ECM. Are you going to upgrade to a modern faster ECM ?
    Don't force it, get a bigger hammer!

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    Thanks. That's true, I am considering upgrading, not sure if I want to stay obd1 or go with a full setup like a Holley Commander or similar so I would have compatibility with a possible LS swap in the future.

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    Worst part about the crossfires , is the tiny intake runners and tiny cam....welcome , I've always wanted to do a updated crossfire build in an 82-83 camaro sport coupe.
    1992 Camaro B4C 355 zz4 cam blue print 195cc heads 10-1 cr SDPP vortec lower, edelbrock hi flo runners ported upper dyno don coated headers /WC 5 speed 3.45 gears .

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